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Rotorua's best things to do on a rainy day [template]

Monday, 5 November 2018

We all love the sun to shine but sadly this doesn't happen everyday! However, a rainy day in Rotorua is not at all bad. There are plenty of things to do on a rainy day in Rotorua and some activities are actually better to do when it's wet! Check out some of the best activities we think you should do in Rotorua when it rains.

1. Relax in a natural hot spring at Kerosene Creek

The best way to spend a cloudy, rainy day is by soaking in a hot spring surrounded by native bush with rain falling around you. Kerosene creek is a freshwater, natural hot spring about 30km south of Rotorua. The hot water from a natural spring bubbles up from the ground into the cool waters of the creek, which creates the warm water - and why it is also called Hot n Cold by the locals. As the rain hits the water the steam sits low creating a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. This geothermal heated stream is the perfect place to blob out and relax while experiencing a New Zealand natural hot spring. This is an awesome free experience to do on a rainy day in Rotorua.

Rainy-day-in-Rotorua-Kerosene-creekPhoto: The beautiful waterfall at Kerosene Creek

2. Raft down the adrenaline pumping rapids with River Rats

Don’t let the rain stop you from white water rafting down the rapids of the Kaituna River. River Rats take you on a guided white water rafting trip down rapids and over a 7 metre waterfall - it is the highest commercial waterfall in New Zealand! River Rats gear you up with wet suits to keep you warm while you’re having the time of your life riding down the adrenaline pumping rapids.

4. Zipline through native forest with Rotorua Canopy Tours

Ziplining through lush native forest is a pretty amazing thing to experience! In fact, a ziplining tour with Rotorua Canopy Tours is even better to do on a rainy day in Rotorua! The forest sparkles in the rain, the smell of nature fills the air and the damp atmosphere makes you feel alive and fresh among nature’s creation. The 3 hour tour will take you through the native forest via a network of ziplines and walking bridges. The guides will also educate you about the conservation efforts and history of this beautiful rainforest. The Rotorua Canopy Tours guides will make sure you are prepared and provide wet weather gear from head to toe so there is so need to worry about getting wet.

Rainy-day-in-Rotorua-Rotorua-Canopy-ToursPhoto: Ziplining through native rainforest with Rotorua Canopy Tours.

5. Experience a Maori cultural evening with Mitai

Rotorua is renowned for the traditional Maori cultural experience. And this is the perfect activity to do in the rain. At Mitai, the evening lasts about 3 hours. You are greeted by a local Maori host where they explain how they cook the hangi (traditional meal) and some background of the waka (canoe). While the hangi is being prepared, you head down to the river where you watch the warriors paddle on their waka. You are then taken to watch the traditional Maori performance that is sheltered which includes the welcome, waiatas (singing), haka and poi (Maori dance). There are a few outside parts of the experience so we recommend that you take a rain jacket with you to keep you warm and dry.

6. Learn about the history of Rotorua at the Blue Baths

An awesome and unique way to find out about some of the history of Rotorua is at the Blue Baths. The Blue Baths are located next to the Museum in a spectacular historic building. The building was built during the great depression and was used for huge aquatic carnivals. The baths were also used for treatments and movie-style glamour afternoons. This is an awesome place to go and check out! Events are held there weekly and there is a small museum about the past history.  You can still swim there in the original outdoor heated family pool and the hot pools. This is great way to warm up and learn about some Rotorua history on a rainy day in Rotorua.


Photo: The historic Blue Baths building Credit: James Carmichael

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