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Best Ziplining locations around the world

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Ziplining can be enjoyed in some spectacular places around the world, and they all have absolutely breathtaking surroundings and views. You could try ziplining through the desert in Africa, over a quarry in the UK, around a historic fort in India, through native forest in New Zealand or soar over the ocean waters in Haiti. Here are some of our top picks for the best ziplining locations around the world. Time to get inspired and start planning your next trip!

  1. Dragon's Breath Ziplining Labadee, Haiti

  2. Flying fox in Jodhpur, India

  3. Zipworld in Bethesda, UK

  4. Zip 2000 in Sun City, Africa

  5. Rotorua Canopy Tours, New Zealand

1. Dragon's Breath Ziplining Labadee, Haiti

If you want to experience spectacular birds eye views then Dragons Breath Zip lining in Haiti is the place you want to be to capture the unforgettable views of the horizon line and the ocean water below you. The zip line will take you from 500ft above the water down the 2,600ft long line, which makes it the longest zip line over water in the world! This ziplining location in Haiti is such a unique experience that it's definitely one to add to your bucket list.

best-ziplining-locations-in-the-world-dragons-breath-ziplining-labadee, Haiti - ziplining locations

Photo: Thumbs up for this spectacular ziplining location above the shores of Labadee.


2. Flying fox Jodhpur, India

This 'flying fox' zipline tour is in Jodhpur, India. There is a total of 6 ziplines ranging from 70m to 300m, and they take you over the Mehrangarh fort, giving you an exclusive birds eye view of the largest fort in Rajasthan. Glide over two desert lakes and trek through the Rao Jodha eco-park while enjoying unbeatable views of the Blue City of Jodphur. This is an awesome, alternative way to see the historic fort!

flying-fox-Jodhpur-India-ziplining-locationsPhoto: A unique ziplining location - fly over the Mehrangarh fort while looking out to Jodphur city.


3. Zipworld Bethesda, UK

Zipworld in Bethesda has won international acclaim since its opening in 2013. The zipline is a mile long and the riders can get up to excess speeds of 160kph, while being 500ft high - making it the fastest zipline in the world. This ziplining location is at Penryhm Slate Quarry where you get to enjoy stunning views over Britain’s largest slate quarry. There are two ziplines next to one another so make sure to race your family or friends!


Photo: One of the fastest ziplining locations in the world - fly down the zipline over the Penrhym Slate Quarry.


4. Zip 2000 Sun City, Africa

Zip 2000 is one of the worlds longest ziplines – 2 kilometers, and you can enjoy up to speeds of 160km/hour! This ziplining location is in the heart of Sun City in South Africa and offers the 'ultimate and original experience' of a zipline through the desert. You can choose to do the ride solo, or tandem flying over the dry valley taking in some spectacular views of the Palace of the Lost City and the Valley of the waves.


Photo: Plan your trip to this awesome ziplining location - one of the longest ziplines in the world. 


5. Rotorua Canopy Tours, New Zealand

Rotorua Canopy Tours is a zipline tour through native forest in New Zealand. Two highly trained guides will take you around either the award winning Original Canopy Tour or the adrenaline filled Ultimate Canopy Tour. Not only is it awesome ziplining in the nature you will also learn about the current native forest conditions in New Zealand and the work that has been done to restore what we have left. There is no better way to see native New Zealand forest then flying through the lush, green canopy that gives you memories to last a lifetime. 

ziplining-locations-around-the-world-rotorua-canopy-toursPhoto: An incredible ziplining location in native New Zealand forest.

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