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Gifts for men who already have everything!

Thursday, 7 October 2021

What do you get the man that has everything he wants already? 

How about something he doesn't know he'll love till he gets there...

Have you ever felt that a special man in your life is hard to buy for? Well, here are 5 ideas to get the creative juices rolling for you to nail that special gift for your next special occasion.


A ticket to a sporting event

Nothing says I care for you like a ticket to his favourites sports. There’s a good chance you hate sport but NZ is lucky to have a fair bit of sporting events going on nowadays and this is your chance to blow his socks off. I would suggest buying a ticket for two to the next local Black Caps cricket game, the Super Rugby, or something more local with NBL basketball or the national Rugby champs. He will know you love him when he sees you endure the event by his side.

Gifts for men who already have everything Sports tickets

Chuffed Gifts

If you’re a bit unsure what to get, Chuffed Gifts have you covered. These guys have come up with an awesome new gifting concept and gone and bought the tourism activities world into the gift-giving realm. You essentially buy your man a Chuffed gift package, they send him a cool-looking Chuffed Tube and he can then pick what he wants to do from up to 22 exciting experience options. It's a no-fail gift option as he gets to choose. You might even get to go with him on whatever adventure he want to do too. Win-win I say. Check them out here.

Gifts for men who already have everything Chuffed experience gifts


Beer delivery

If your fella likes a few crafties to sip away on at the weekend, a surprise craft beer pack is a great way to go.  Most craft beers taste like the homebrew you made as a 16-year-old,  so do him a favour and save him the time agonizing over the beer aisle and not knowing what to choose based on the catch design on the can, and have a surprise package delivered to his door. Even better, you can buy a subscription and those hoppy sensations can be delivered regularly week in, week out. Beer hug is one of the companies that provide this great service, check them out here.

Gifts for men who already have everything Beer


Shaving kit

A cool retro shaving kit solves two problems, firstly it reduces key waste, and second, it makes shaving moderately fun. Lets be honest, men hate shaving but if you allow him to make him feel regal by brushing his face with the finest bristles and getting a shave with a fresh blade-like his grandfather used to use. He will be happier than a pig in the proverbial and will forget for that very moment that shaving is a chore - Here’s a great option for you.  

Gifts for men who already have everything shaving kit


Ultimate Canopy Tour, Rotorua Canopy Tours  

Nothing says I love you more than racing down ziplines up to 400 metres long in an ancient native forest. Outside the 1600 metres of ziplines and massive swingbridges, these guys have a full conservation project up and running. They have stories of bringing species of birds back into this environment and you’ll even hand feed some of them. It’s a must-do in NZ and the ultimate way to say “I love you”.
Gifts for men who already have everything Rotorua Canopy Tours

Now you have the tools to blow your man away on his next special occasion, the days of socks, underwear, and a cake have gone. It’s exciting times for your relationship now that you can celebrate your special occasions.


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