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Top 6 Natural New Zealand Hot Springs

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

When it comes to choosing what to do in New Zealand on vacation, you can't beat a natural hot spring. Dotted all over the country, our hot springs have some of the best scenery and look out to spectacular views.  They all will undoubtedly provide you with relaxation and an amazing experience.

Here are our top 6 Natural Hot Springs in NZ:

  1. Otumuheke Pool
  2. Butchers Pool 
  3. Kaitoke Hot Springs
  4. Welcome Flat Hot Pools
  5. Hamner Springs 
  6. Maruia Springs 

1. Otumuheke Stream (Spa Park) 

Finding the right temperature is the hardest thing about Otumuheke Stream located about 30 minutes out of Taupo. The natural hot pools have a hot stream with mini waterfalls that flow into the Waikato River but once you find the ideal temperature it is a very relaxing and cheap experience.

Otumuheke Stream - Hot Springs in NZ

 Photo: Enjoy a hot soak in the Otumuheke Stream

2. Butcher's Pool 

Just out of Rotorua, 1.8km south of Reperoa is Butchers pool hot spring that is free of charge. The pool is filled from hot and cold internal blue mineral springs and the water is continually renewing and cleaning itself. It is maintained by the council and there are toilets and changing rooms also provided there.

3. Kaitoke Hot Springs 

Located on Great Barrier Island and about a 8km easy going walk along the Kaitoke Swamp you will find yourself at the spectacular hot springs. The hot springs are natural and sulphuric with a series of pools that have had no man-made changes. The main pool is shallow but you will find deeper and hotter pools further upstream.

Kaitoke Hot Springs - Hot Springs in NZ

Photo: Kaitoke Hot Springs are a very private and quiet hot spring

4. Welcome Flat Hot Pools

To get to this hot pool it takes a bit more effort and time but it's all worth it when you are surrounded by snowcapped mountains and native fores. Copland River 20km south of Fox Glacier really has some of the best views in the country and you need to check it out for yourself!  The effort is worth a 7 hour, 18km trek on the Copland Trek but it is only a few minutes from the DOC hut and campsite.

Welcome Flat Evening - Hot Springs in NZ

 Photo: Check out the view at the Welcome Flat Hot Pools

6. Hamner Springs 

Soak up the natural landscapes of rocks, forests and mountains at the Hamner Springs Thermal Pools, 90 minutes from Christchurch. With so many pools to choose from, from relaxing rock pools, sulphur pools and kids pools you won’t be able to get enough and might even end up spending the whole day there!

5. Maruia Springs 

On Lewis Pass Highway, two and a half hours drive West of Christchurch you can find the 100% natural mineral water, Maruia Springs. With the nearby sound of the flowing river and surrounding views of the Southern alps you can soak in a rock pool or you can enjoy sitting underneath the waterfall. Maruia Springs - Hot Springs in NZ

Photo: Soak up the view of the Southern Alps while soaking in a natural hot pool 

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