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Places to visit in New Zealand - South Island Road Trip

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

It goes without saying, Summer is the season of road trips and exploring top places to visit in New Zealand. With warm weather and long days, it’s hard not to ditch the jeans and shoes for shorts and jandals. So, in saying that, we have put together a South Island Summer Road Trip itinerary especially for you.

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Top 6 Natural New Zealand Hot Springs

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

When it comes to choosing what to do in New Zealand on vacation, you can't beat a natural hot spring. Dotted all over the country, our hot springs have some of the best scenery and look out to spectacular views.  They all will undoubtedly provide you with relaxation and an amazing experience.

Here are our top 6 Natural Hot Springs in NZ:

  1. Otumuheke Pool
  2. Butchers Pool 
  3. Kaitoke Hot Springs
  4. Welcome Flat Hot Pools
  5. Hamner Springs 
  6. Maruia Springs 
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10 Top Kiwi Inventions

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

New Zealanders are well known for being innovative and creative. These ten kiwi inventions have gained world wide reputations. Check out how they were made and the talented inventors behind the amazing ideas!

  1. OGO Ball 
  2. Jet Boat 
  3. Bungy 
  4. Electric Fence 
  5. Shweeb
  6. Spiral Hairpin 
  7. Jogging
  8. Martin Jetpacks 
  9. Springfree trampoline
  10. Referee Whistle

1. OGO ball 

Inventor: Andrew and David Akers

The Akers brothers, Andrew and David were walking along the beach one day and came up with the idea of having shoes to walk on water. They then decided that a more practical idea would be a giant ball that rolls down a hill. Adrenaline junkies jump inside the inner hollow plastic ball reaching up to speeds of 50kph. The OGO balls are created onsite at OGO and it takes 2 people 80-90 hours each to create one OGO ball. Five to six different types of high quality plastics are used to make these awesome OGO balls.

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Conservation & Eco Tours in New Zealand

Thursday, 22 November 2018

New Zealand prides ourselves on having a huge range of Eco tours. Eco tours are the opposite to standard mass commercial tourism and offer experiences that don't disturb natural areas and have a low impact on the environment. Conservation is extremely important in New Zealand and we are now working hard to preserve our native forests and animals. Eco Tour activities now have very a important role in educating and contributing to New Zealand's conservation. Rotorua Canopy Tours loves to educate and inform kiwis and visitors everything about native forests, eco tours and how you can contribute to conservation. 

Photo: Native forest which is home to Rotorua Canopy Tours Eco tours

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Life in the Forest on a Rotorua Eco Tour - Fungi

Sunday, 18 November 2018

In the native forest where we take you on our Rotorua Canopy Eco Tours, there are many different forms and species of fungi you can find in-between trees, plants and on the canopy floor. Here are some of the fungi that can be found in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve:

  1. Blue Mushroom 
  2. Stink Horn Fungus
  3. Icicle Fungi
  4. Purple Coral Fungi
  5. Honey Fungus
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Native Forest Fungi in Rotorua - 8 facts about the Blue Fungi

Sunday, 18 November 2018

One of the benefits of the Rotorua Canopy Tour is that you get the opportunity to see many types of fungi in the native forest. The blue mushroom is a type of fungi that is very eye catching and can be found in the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve. The Dansey Road Scenic Reserve is where Rotorua Canopy Tours take their customers on a eco-tour, ziplining through New Zealand native forest. The bright blue fungi is hard to miss on the forest floor so have a look out for it while you are on your Rotorua Canopy Tour. 


Check out these 8 interesting facts about the blue fungi:

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Zipline & Adventure in New Zealand

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

There are so many awesome things to do in New Zealand that you are really spoiled for choice. Juggling up what are the best activities for you can be tough but we know that one main reason people come to New Zealand is to experience the adventures! Well we do have plenty of that which include ziplines, bungys, white water rafting, skiing, jet boating, skydiving, luging. You name it New Zealand has it!

Photo: Adrenaline filled adventure rafting with River Rats on Okere Falls

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About us at Rotorua Canopy Tours

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Rotorua Canopy Tours is an Eco adventure through 1000 year old native forest. The popular adventure activity has only been running for six years and we have come a long way since the doors opened back in 2012. From the initial idea being sparked back in 2008 to our huge conservation success in the forest and also winning national prestigious awards, Rotorua Canopy Tours has a lot to share so find out more about us below.

Photo: The Rotorua Canopy Tours team that has helped make Rotorua Canopy Tours what it is today

From the beginning

Rotorua Canopy Tours didn't just pop up one day and become an overnight success. There was years of planning and researching zip line courses before the build starting taking place in 2012 and then after six months of hard work the doors were opened to the public. James Fitzgerald and Andrew Blackford are the brains behind Rotorua Canopy Tours - find out here how Rotorua Canopy Tours began.

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Facing your fears of heights on a Rotorua Canopy Tour

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

By Tash Johnson (Canopy Tours Guide)

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Locals favourite things to do in Rotorua

Friday, 30 August 2019

Rotorua locals get to enjoy the beauty of nature and adventures all year round. We love sharing our favorite spots with our visitors so you can experience the fun we have every day! Here are our top 6 local favorite things to do in Rotorua

  1. Hot 'n' Cold

  2. Okere Falls

  3. Hamurana Springs

  4. Rainbow Mountain 

  5. Lake Tikitapu

  6. Hot Water Beach 

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