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Sunday, 7 June 2020

Australian electrician and adventure seeker Sam Robinson has visited Rotorua Canopy Tours SEVEN times since his first visit in August 2015. So why does he keep coming back to do the same Rotorua activities?


Rotorua activities eco tour

Photo: Sam has got pretty comfortable on the swing bridges at Rotorua Canopy Tours


Sam's Original Experience

Sam first visited New Zealand in 2015 and being a lover of the outdoors, a keen runner and mountain biker, he naturally loved the nature haven of Rotorua. There are so many Rotorua activities but Rotorua Canopy Tours stood out. It was an adventure that combined his love for nature, adventure as well as giving back to conservation, and he know he just had to do it. At the time Rotorua Canopy Tours offered one award winning tour – the Original Canopy Tour. And wow, Sam was in awe. The guides were amazing, the forest was amazing. He knew he would be back to experience this Rotorua activities again.. and soon!


The next few times...

On his next couple of trips to New Zealand, Sam was keen to do more Rotorua activities and return to Rotorua Canopy Tours to fly through the native forest again. When the Ultimate Canopy Tour was launched in July 2018, Sam new he couldn’t miss trying this new zipline out. And it was Ultimate, so good he did the tour twice on the same trip to New Zealand! He loved exploring the ancient forest and all the elements of the ecotour from the ziplines and swing bridges to the nature trails. Even though Sam has now done the Original Canopy Tour five times and the newer Ultimate Canopy Tour twice, he has learnt something new on every tour. “Each tour there are different guides with their own unique personalities so they all bring something different to the tour. You learn something new each time, so it is very educational,” says Sam.

Rotorua activities Ultimate Canopy Tour

Photo: Sam having a blast on the controlled descent on the Ultimate Canopy Tour Rotorua attractions 


Sam's favourite part

Sam’s highlight of one of his favourite Rotorua activities is the conservation trail. The team at Rotorua Canopy Tours have been restoring the Dansey Road Scenic Reserve and since 2012 have removed 1000’s of pests that were destroying the forest and killing native species. “I am also very interested in the conservation and I have always been very keen on leaving the world a better place for our next generation – I was always interested but more so now after learning about Rotorua Canopy Tours Conservation Programme.”

Rotorua Canopy Tours is bringing the forest back to life together with their customers, as every guest that goes on tour also contributes to the conservation of the forest - it's one of the Rotorua activities with a difference. “I love that my money is being contributed to support the future of Rotorua Canopy Tours and all their awesome plans that are in place for their conservation programme.”

Conservation and tourism working together has developed into one of the most exciting Rotorua activities. Sam absolutely loves learning about the beautiful forest and has really noticed the difference all the conservation efforts have made over the years. “You get to see the forest evolve. Not only do you see more birds in the forest, you can also hear so many more in the forest now compared to 2015.”


Why he keeps coming back

But Sam hasn’t just connected with the beautiful nature on this Rotorua activity, he’s also created connections with other people on tour and the Rotorua Canopy Tours team. “I have come alone 5 times, it’s an awesome tour to meet other people. I have made an awesome friendship with Shane who was my guide on my first tour in 2015 – when I am in Rotorua we meet up and go mountain biking or get dinner. I feel a part of the Rotorua Canopy Tours family now because I have made such good friendships with the team.”

Rotorua activities tree walk

Photo: Sam hanging out with his Rotorua Canopy Tours friend Scott, 50 metres in the air on the rocky cliff walk


While there’s so much choice for Rotorua activities, Sam has a passion for being out in the fresh air which is great for his overall mental health. He’s loved experiencing the breath-taking native forest in different kinds of weather, from brilliant sunshine to beautiful rain fall. “I love the smell of the rain and the forest just glistens. The absolute BEST time is when it has just finished raining and the sun starts to peak through the canopy!”

Sam believes of all the Rotorua activities, Rotorua Canopy Tours is perfect for anyone and everyone and you can do over and over and always want more. “It’s an amazing tour for individuals, couples, families and friends! Even if you are afraid of heights you should come and do it – guides are very reassuring and make you feel really safe.” If you're searching for other activities, check out things to do in Rotorua for more ideas. 


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