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What to do in Rotorua in Spring

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Spring in Rotorua is stunning with the flowers displaying their bright, radiant petals and the trees are blossoming. Rotorua has immaculate flowers and gardens that you will see around the city and Rotorua is starting to be well known for these gardens and just how beautiful they really are. Below, we've put together a list of what to do in Rotorua during the Spring season.


Rotorua tulip festival

Rotorua will spring to life with 100,000 tulips at the annual tulip festival on from the 1st - 9th of October. There are over 40 separate events on the programme ranging from exhibitions, live music, children's cupcake decorating, walking tours, cooking demonstrations, guided bike tours and  numerous different speakers. It's a family-friendly festival the kids will love! Gary, our very own conservation manager here at Canopy Tours will be speaking at the Te Runanga Tearooms on Friday 7th October from 1-2pm. Head down and say hi to Gary, it will be a very interesting talk about the Mamaku forest and all the work we have done. The festival will be an amazing week with loads of different events, activities and beautiful gardens so check out the full programme and plan your week now.

What to do in Rotorua - Rotorua Tulip Festival


Centennial Park (tree trust) 

Over the southern side of Rotorua in Tihiotonga the Centennial Park is absolutely stunning - especially in Spring with the vibrant pink cherry tree blossoming. The 20 hectare development was previously known as the 'tree trust', where people dedicated trees on behalf of family members, but now it has reached capacity and is closed to adoptions.  The recent development of a BBQ, picnic area and toilets surely could tempt you into enjoying a picnic with your family and friends while being surrounded by gorgeous scenery. You might even spot a couple of tui birds in the eye-catching cherry trees.


Photo by Kathryn Bloor

Government Gardens 

The government gardens are a historic place in Rotorua. Perfectly groomed, they're are a sight not to be missed during spring with thousands of bright flowers and trees putting on a show in their radiant colours. The gardens have a nursery which annually produces 420,000 bedding plants for display within the cities 150 flower beds, and also grows about 6000 potted plants and 15,000 trees and shrubs annually. The gardens surround the Rotorua Museum - which features award winning exhibitions, as well as the Blue Baths (among the first baths in the world to allow both male and females in the same pool), the historic Te Runanga tearooms and the band rotunda. Spend a morning or afternoon taking a leisurely walk around the historic buildings and the  picture perfect gardens that surround them.
What to do in Rotorua - Government Gardens


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